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April 22, 2010

Last Thursday, Dadhie and I were supposed to drive all the way to Pallas Athena to go on a driving lesson again. I was also supposed to go to Deanne’s house to return the black skirt and white t-shirt that I borrowed.  But unfortunately, we have to change our plans on the last minute since we can’t use our car.  My Dad used it to pick up our Tito Jun and Tita Evelyn in the airport.  It had been months since the last time that we watched a movie in the theatre house so, we’ve decided to watch Clash of the Titans. This actually was the first time that we’ve agreed on what movie to watch since I’m very up for romantic chick flicks or Tagalog movies and he’s very much into action and suspense movies. Well, don’t get me wrong, I also love action and suspense movies but I just watch them at home most of the time. I’m very much excited to watch this movie since I LOOVE GREEK MYTHOLOGY! This brings back memories way back in highschool.  My favorite teacher back then was Ms. Diokno, she’s our English teacher during 4th year (if I remember it clearly) and our topic was about the different mythologies.  My favorite was the Greek Mythology.  I was very, very interested listening to Ma’am Diokno’s stories. She really has a knack for telling stories, it was as if she lived during those times and was really able to witness the God’s ways and battles. I suddenly remembered my black Mythology book. I’ve misplaced that and I badly want to find one or buy a new one if possible!

            Back to the movie.

Well, I must say that I was really disappointed with the movie. I think the fight scenes were not that good and it seemed to be very predictable. I might be expecting too much but I wasn’t really that excited with Persues’ journey and my heart didn’t stopped during the highlight of the movie. Haay…
Well the good thing about the movie were the two girls. Princess Andromeda played by Alexa Davalos and Io played by Gemma Arterton. These two girls are very beautiful and stunning! They really possess this Grecian beauty which was very fit for their roles.  Honestly, I was more interested and excited to see these two girls than seeing Persues played by Sam Worthington! Hahaha

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