Saturday, April 24, 2010


April 22, 2010

Last Thursday, Dadhie and I were supposed to drive all the way to Pallas Athena to go on a driving lesson again. I was also supposed to go to Deanne’s house to return the black skirt and white t-shirt that I borrowed.  But unfortunately, we have to change our plans on the last minute since we can’t use our car.  My Dad used it to pick up our Tito Jun and Tita Evelyn in the airport.  It had been months since the last time that we watched a movie in the theatre house so, we’ve decided to watch Clash of the Titans. This actually was the first time that we’ve agreed on what movie to watch since I’m very up for romantic chick flicks or Tagalog movies and he’s very much into action and suspense movies. Well, don’t get me wrong, I also love action and suspense movies but I just watch them at home most of the time. I’m very much excited to watch this movie since I LOOVE GREEK MYTHOLOGY! This brings back memories way back in highschool.  My favorite teacher back then was Ms. Diokno, she’s our English teacher during 4th year (if I remember it clearly) and our topic was about the different mythologies.  My favorite was the Greek Mythology.  I was very, very interested listening to Ma’am Diokno’s stories. She really has a knack for telling stories, it was as if she lived during those times and was really able to witness the God’s ways and battles. I suddenly remembered my black Mythology book. I’ve misplaced that and I badly want to find one or buy a new one if possible!

            Back to the movie.

Well, I must say that I was really disappointed with the movie. I think the fight scenes were not that good and it seemed to be very predictable. I might be expecting too much but I wasn’t really that excited with Persues’ journey and my heart didn’t stopped during the highlight of the movie. Haay…
Well the good thing about the movie were the two girls. Princess Andromeda played by Alexa Davalos and Io played by Gemma Arterton. These two girls are very beautiful and stunning! They really possess this Grecian beauty which was very fit for their roles.  Honestly, I was more interested and excited to see these two girls than seeing Persues played by Sam Worthington! Hahaha


April 17, 2010

          Birthday surprise and get-together all in one! God, I really missed hanging out with my HANNIBAL LOVES. J

          Like what I’ve mentioned, we (Jana, Bryan, Jolo, Vinch and I) planned a surprise birthday celebration for our April Tres Marias (Tin, Joanne and Bobbie).  Tin and Bobbie thought that it would just be a surprise celebration for Joanne, little do they know that they are also going to be surprised! So, Vinch, Bry and I met up in Imus at around 9am then headed straight to Dasma to wait for Jana. We prepared a little but very thoughtful gift for the celebrants and since The Gossip Girl wasn’t able to finish the “special project”, we stayed at The Mansion a.k.a. Jolo’s house to finish it. Oooh! The house is really beautiful and I am also volunteering to be adopted by Jolo’s parents together with Vinch, Lee and Jana! Hahaha Tita really entertained us and gave us A LOT of CHOCOLATES!!!!!!! Yum-my!!! 

So much on the chocolate and The Mansion story, we went na to Tagaytay since we’re getting real late and since it’s super traffic, Jana and I played with the camera to kill time! F.Y.I. WE NOW LOVE SEQUENCE SHOTS!!! Here are the evidences… J

And here’s our best shot! ;) HILARIOUS!!! (accdg to Bernales! haha)

          We met up at Starbucks Tagaytay and they we’re very surprised to see a lot of us present on their birthday celebration since they’re just expecting to see Jana. We went to Robinson’s Tagaytay and ate lunch at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It’s my first time to eat in that restaurant by the way and sad to say, I’m not much of a fan of their food. It’s good but it was not able to satisfy my craving taste buds.  

We chatted there and took pictures and the basag trip there was this Mommy who looks like a social climber who called the waitress to shut us up! Her reason was that she and her family can’t concentrate eating because we were noisy daw! The heck!?! Was she even aware that she’s in a public place and take note, it’s not even a fine dining restaurant! We were very pissed off and since we don’t want to step down to her level, we just controlled ourselves and decided to leave the restaurant. We just strolled and had a hard time figuring out where to go next. While we were thinking, we grabbed the opportunity to take A LOT of pictures again… hahaha

          After almost 20-30 mins of taking pictures in the parking lot, we finally hopped into the car and mind you, nagkasya kaming 9 sa kotse!!! Hahaha We even received surprised gazes from the ladies nearby. Hahaha We were so proud of ourselves since we managed to squeeze in the car that we forgot that we haven’t had any plans yet of where to go to! Jolo wants to watch a movie but Dasma is too far for the 9 of us to survive in the car. So the ending, we went back to Jolo’s house.  Well, the original plan was to have a videoke marathon but we ended up checking out sites in the World Wide Web and watching Dr. Horrible and a lot of funny YouTube videos and most especially, the ever-so-famous (para samin! Haha) Robot Unicorn Attack Game!!! Hahaha You know why it’s famous? It's because the background music of the entire game is our ever-so-favourite and super macho song ALWAYS by the Erasure!!! Hahaha

      We went home pretty late already but it’s really worth our time. Actually, bitin pa nga kami eh. Like what Paolo Coelho said,


If we are wasting time and enjoying ourselves, we are not wasting time.”


          We also saw Pinky there! I soo miss her and i definitely didn’t waste the opportunity to have a picture taken with herl. It has been years since we last saw each other!

And one more thing,  I really missed this guy right here… J


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March 14, 2010

Sacrificial Loves…


          hep, hep, HOORAY!!!  Our reunion finally pushed through!

          I really missed being with these two lovely and HOT ladies. I can’t believe that it has already been a year since we last saw each other. Well, after graduation, we had to go on separate ways and face the real world by ourselves. We became so much busy handling our own lives –not to mention the job-hunting phase that each of us went through (AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!).
Anyhoo, this has been a much long awaited reunion and what better way to spend it is to go to our favorite places and do our thang – EATING!!!

Our first stop…
   Oooh…aaahhhhh…. MY KEEMA = hhhaaaannnnnsaaaarrraaapppp!!!! I never knew how much I’ve missed eating at Mister Kabab until I’ve had my first bite! Yum! Yum! After being able to satisfy my pets (inside my stomach that is! ;p), I’ve realized that what I really missed was our impromptu trips to Mister Kabab with Eileen, Christie (sometimes), Ledi and our M1 Family wherein our motto was the ever-so-gasgas-line, “The more the merrier!” Iba yung sarap ng pagkain mo whenever you’re with your homies. Bongga sa kabusugan with matching kabag pa with all the laughtrips that’s with it! Bigla kong naalala yung mga group pics namin. Here are some of the pics that we have…
   At this point in time, each one of us has his/her own job, others went abroad already and the rest of us might still be thinking of what path to choose, what road to take, just like me. I hope that my friends are all okay. I miss hanging out with them a lot! Enough of this kadramahan of me…

Our next and last stop is BANAPPLE!!!
   Just hearing the name feels as if I’m hearing the angels up in the heavens! Hahaha I know exagge na kung exagge pero that’s what I feel eh. Bakit ba?! Hahaha Super nagugutom at walang halong biro, naglalaway talaga ako pag nababanggit o naaalala ko ang BANAPPLE!!! We stayed there for hours just enjoying our cakes, (btw, we ordered 3 different cakes so that we can have a taste of each one, wais! Hahaha) taking photos and most especially, catching up on what are the things that have happened, are still happening and will happen to us in the future. Wait, I think I sounded as if we’re a group of manghuhulas with the last phrase – to make things clear, we just talked about our future plans. Hahaha
   The best thing hanging out with these girls is that I can be myself hence we can share everything without the fear of rejection after we spill out the beans.  Kahit na matagal na kaming di nagkita-kita, it feels as if kahapon lang magkakasama pa din kami at nagpaplano ng retreat ng M1!!! ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

21 years of existence... :) (07.20.09)

     Can't believe that I'm already in my early 20's which means that I'm not a teenager anymore! (huhu) But on the brighter side, I spent the whole day with my one and only LOVE.

     I'm a sucker for Carbonarra and since it's my special day, Dadhie and I went to SM to eat at Frenchbaker because I've been craving for their Carbonarra for days already! So, after eating our lunch, I thought that we're about to go home when Dadhie suddenly asked me if I want to go and visit one of my favorite shoe stores - Prima Donna, and check if they have new designs. Since I now am a Shoe Lover, I agreed and hurriedly went to the store. When I was looking at their new shoes, the supervisor tapped me on my shoulder and together with the entire staff, they greeted me a "Happy Birthday!" and handed me a big paper bag and told me that it's for me. I was very much surprised and froze for a few seconds! Then, the supervisor told me to open my gift and to my surprise, I saw the blue shoulder bag that I've been wanting to buy for myself and then the supervisor told me that I'm a very lucky girl to have a boyfriend like Dadhie! I'm so touched with what he has done for me. I really love my birthday present but what made it super duper special was the effort that my Dadhie gave to make the surprise possible! Kinuntsaba niya yung buong staff ng Prima Donna just for me! After we went out of the store, I really can't take my eyes off of him and yung ngiti ko talaga, abot tenga on our way home.
     Then, I just had a simple celebration at home because I also have work during my birthday. We had dinner at Nanay's place with the entire Lagui clan and with my Dadhie of course! After dinner, we went home and while they're preparing to sleep, I have to get ready for work.

     Even the simplest things become so special whenever I'm with him. I love you so much and thank you for making my 21st birthday a BLAST!!!
Nanay goes to ...
                                Go to fullsize image 

   I'm so happy today!!! My Nanay who's a certified Kapuso and an avid fan of Eat Bulaga went to ABS-CBN with Tatay's batchmates to watch Wowowee live today!!! We were so ecstatic! All of us were waiting for the clock to strike 12 so that we can see Nanay on TV.  We called up Mommy Bhey and Dadi Jhon, who are by the way certified Kapuso's too, to check if they're already tuned in so that we can all see Nanay, a certified Kapuso (needs to be emphasized! haha) enjoying Wowowee!!!

    At last! Wowowee started and we saw Nanay agad since she was seated in the front row and luckily, the camera always captures her! hahaha We saw her dancing and enjoying the show! We were very nervous if she'll be picked for Hep, Hep, Hooray since she might get confused and thank Eat Bulaga instead of thanking Wowowee!! hahaha Btw, she was very fortunate since today was the launching of Wowowee's new set and new co-hosts plus Anne Curtis and Sam Milby were also there! Sabi ni Nanay, dapat lang daw paghandaan ng Wowowee ang pagdating niya para wala siyang maipintas! hahaha Kamusta naman yun!? :)

   But the biggest shocker of all was when Nanay kissed Sam Milby and it was captured by the camera!!! Sayang kasi I was not able to take a photo of that but I'm definitely going to search for that video in YouTube! hahaha Nakakalurkey talaga!!!

Here are some of the pictures I've taken while we're watching at home... My Nanay is the lady wearing a red and white striped blouse... :))

The abangers!!! hahaha

Friday, April 9, 2010

Missing Tatay

 laughtrip!!! hahaha i miss having wacky pics with you Tatay!!!

The year that was…

ang bilis tlga ng pnhon... 

everything seems fresh to me... all the details, all the sad and devastating memories that day when jing woke me up and told me that tatay passed away... i was really in shock and i was in denial since i was about to go to the hospital that day to be at tatay's side while nanay goes home to rest... everytime i see tatay's pictures, our pictures, it seems as if that fatal day just happened yesterday... i still cry everytime i remember our last moments together, our laughing trips, our driving lessons, the pacquiao fights that we watched and most especially our holiday videos where he smiles, laughs and where i can hear his voice again... sobrang sakit pa din kahit it's been a year already... but on the other side, i'm happier now that i can see that nanay has improved and has quite adjusted to the situation we're all in...

i really miss you tatay... how i wish you were with me during my graduation... 
i love you soo much!., till we see each other again...

The year that was…

finally!!!., nakabalik din ako sa r.c. dear my alma mater dear after 4 long years...

we arrived there @ 9:30 pm & boy, we were so famished! we headed straight to the canteen thinking that there's a  buffet waiting for us & being the gluttony gang that we are, excited na kami to eat., much to our surprise, the free food was only fried chicken with rice (that's so cold already!) plus we have to buy our own drinks! 

we talked to fr. bubot... super saya talaga kasi he was still able to remember our batch and said "ung maingay at masayang batch!"

it's really great to be hanging out again with my hannibal friends. i really missed them a lot especially since i was always absent sa mga lakad before. i'm a bit sad though since only a few of us made it.

but i can't deny the fact that i was so happy since i've had the chance to see my other friends like carlos, rj, paul, earl,baxe, jozen, reb, julius, romeo... 

plus the big joy that bryan, vinci, jana and joanne gave me the entire time that i'm with them!

i super duper love you guys!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The year that was…


   Can’t believe that I’ve actually finished my studies! Sadly, I didn’t make it to graduate as a CUM LAUDE for my average was 1.755=1.80 wherein the required grade was 1.75! Super sakit talaga nun plus the fact that I’ve learned that there were some errors with my grades in my 2 other subjects na hindi ko na nahabol due to lack of time. As the saying goes, TIME IS GOLD. Haay…

                          -=ANYWAYS HIGHWAYS=-

I’ll definitely gonna miss these treasures!!!

WARNING!!! Mushy contents ahead... ;)

   Congrats to us Dadhie!!! Thank you for being such a great boyfriend all these years! Thank you for being my inspiration and for the unconditional love that you've been giving me since day 1. You’ve been a big part of my college life and I’m very grateful that we’ve graduated together! One big challenge surpassed! Woot! Woot!

   I really had mixed emotions during the entire day. The feeling was surreal. But I’m very happy and proud to say that I’ve graduated on time and most especially without having a baby of my own yet! Hahaha 

                                                     Peace out! *wink*


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

at last!

i've long been wanting to start my very own blog but "katamaran" always strikes. fortunately, i've finally found time to try and start it. like what i've said in my fb shoutout, it would really be nice to know that you have another and a modernized way to look back into your life... and with that taking into account, i may or will be posting a lot of random thoughts, even senseless things about anything and everything under the sun but most importantly, i would post sweet, special and unforgettable happenings of my crazy and precious life-o!

p.s. guys, obviously, i need help on how i can spice and jazz up my boring blog template!