Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear John Movie Poster by moviegoodsposters.

     Just watched this splendid and very romantic movie. I know it has been months since this film was released but I'm glad that I finally found the time to enjoy every line that was uttered by the main cast especially Savannah.  My boyfriend asked me to watch this film since it has something to do with a long-distance relationship that in a matter of days, we'll both be facing. It tackles on how John and Savannah endured their distance, how they kept the communication lines open no matter how hard it was since John is in the army and he can't tell Savannah where in the world he truly is and the only way that they can communicate is through mail - the old fashioned way. I know that in our soon to be situation, it would be much easier since we can use the net, we can just email each other, send FB messages daily and send text messages or even call as often and as much as our budgets can permit us.  Easy as it may sound but I know that it would not and it would never be easy for the two of us. We were used to talking on the phone at least 30 minutes everyday. We were used to seeing each other every weekend and sometimes almost everyday.  In just a matter of days, we need to get used of not seeing each other for a long, long time, and this means months or even a year of not being in each other's arms. We should get used to not hearing each other's voices for several days or even weeks. No one said it's gonna be easy but I know that with prayers, trust and our love for each other, we'll both be able to endure this pain and the sadness that our situation will be giving us. I know that if we're truly destined for each other, God will find a way on how to make our faith in Him and in our love be stronger for us not to part ways. If we're meant to be, nothing can break us apart.

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