Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ever since my childhood days, I’ve always dreamed of making my family happy using my own means. I want to treat them to some fancy restaurants, take them to malls that we’ve never been through, give them a shopping spree and all. I know my parents worked so hard for us to have the life that we have right now. Though we’re not one of the well-off families, we still feel good since we’re in the middle-income earners bracket wherein we get to choose which school we go to – no matter how much it’ll cost, we get to eat in nice restaurants, buy nice clothes and we still do experience some luxuries life has to offer every once in a while. But I just have this dream of giving back to my parents. I’ve seen how much they’ve given up their own happiness just to be able to give ours. And so, when I started working, I made it a point to save up to be able to treat my family.

I’ve already experience watching a movie in 3d and the very first time I did, all I was thinking about was how my family would love to watch a movie in this set-up. So instead of treating them out to dinner, I told my Mom, ”Ma, we’re going to watch Shrek Forever After in IMAX, MY TREAT!” At first, my parents were a bit hesitant and told me that I should just save up the money instead. I told them that I have enough savings for myself and I really save this money for them and that it would also serve as my Despedida (for the-not-so-clear-future). And with that reasoning, they gave in.

I cannot explain the happiness that I felt when I saw how happy my parents were and most especially, my siblings’ smiles are priceless!!! I felt fulfillment upon seeing their reaction and knowing that they had so much fun.

With this kind of experience, I know that I am on the right path to fulfilling that childhood dream of mine – of just simply making my family happy by putting them on top of my priority list! I hope and I pray that the 2nd part of this will soon happen!!!

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